Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wow Time Flies

Been Almost two weeks since my bday. Time flies when you are having fun

I've been broadcasting nonstop. Over the weekend, changed their servers over, to involve people more into the chat, and connect with their friends

They have the big three in table right above the chat. Twitter, Facebook and Myspace.

I was shocked. Especially when they installed it on a friday afternoon without any technical support. Ugh. Cameron419 couldn't find a way to get to my chat room. It was some sad times indeed.

But Cameron and I are smart and tough. We have a great group Of people there and it shows. Our Channel is always ranked up there with the top channels, no matter WHAT we play. We aren't slaves to the new movie craze. It's a personal goal to show GOOD movies, regardless of age and position at IMDB.

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