Thursday, January 1, 2009

Busted A 100!

On my Jtv Channel, JROCK419, My viewership has increased quite a bit. During The Judgment Day program over the New Years Holiday, I hit 102 viewers at one point during T3. Not too shabby when at one Point I was happy That I had Thirty at one point!! Word travels around in a blog type atmosphere here on Justin..

So check out the link here..

I would Also Like to thank the Moderators Who were in on my page over the holidays and would like to thanks everyone else for seeing it at

And My list of Moderators, and If I forgot anyone, it's been a wild weekend. Evergreent4, Luptid, Gruffman, Lilschawty, Jets09, IndicaNights, Slateran, Qwny67, Eekrocks, Nomadxx, TexasRose, TexasGator, And of course Dundermiffsys.

This has been a great holiday bash. I've played so much terminator, but we are gonna go all the way!!!1


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