Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I'd like everyone to meet Cameron419...A chatbot that was created from a modification of the dreambot btalk function...(in laymans terms a custom robot)

She is very talkative. Her favorite subjects are her own shows, the Terminator Series, and favorites like James Bond and 300. She also moderates the chat to reduce swearing and rude behavior towards men and women. Another neat feature she has is that she keeps my schedule, and also provides imdb info. I constantly change her responses, so people don't even know she's not human sometimes. This has allowed me to use problem solving skills I found extremely difficult in school to do.

So to close, I know Cameron419 is good for the room. She's also good for me to help me aspire to my higher dreams. Becoming a great programmer...

Say hi to her in the room!!


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