Thursday, December 18, 2008

Finals Are OVER!!!!

Final day of school, so there will be much more time to update and play on the blog. I've been completely drained from this and that while trying to broadcast. It was funny today.  Got my sick nephew to substitute broadcast for me today, so it centered on Thundercats and Sarah Connor and he did a good job! He didn't have admin rights, or mod skills, but he kept the chat alive and played different movies quite a bit.  I checked in on him from work a couple of times, and read and cleared the text, so it seems like he did the trick.

I had 12 viewers and they seemed pretty cool with what he played. He even took a vote or two to decide on what he played! He was a host with no privvies, but it was better since I was not broadcasting.

So here comes the Green Machines, looking to extend their first winning streak(in the playoffs, of all places)!!!!

Check out my live BROADCAST!!!!!!!!

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