Friday, December 12, 2008

The Moroccan X-MAS

The Office Was Funnier Than Heck Last Night.

Talk about some funny moments. Here's a recap..

Phyllis throws a Moroccan-themed Christmas party as her first Christmas party as head of the Party Planning Committee. Alcohol is served at the party, which Meredith takes full advantage of. She gets intoxicated and her hair catches on fire while she is dancing around. Dwight puts out the fire with an extinguisher and the party comes to a halt.
(Very Similar to his macing of Roy a few seasons ago. Man he can move fast)
Michael has everyone sit in a circle and discuss how Meredith's alcoholism affects them (his intervention). Meredith continues to deny her alcoholism so the rest of the office find it best to go back to the party. Michael then talks with Meredith in his office and after a while, they leave the office building. Meredith is told by Michael that he was going to take her to a bar, but he actually takes her to a rehabilitation center. When Meredith sees this, she tries to escape, but Michael grabs her and drags her into the center. However, Michael learns that the staff will not check anyone in against their will, so he and Meredith leave and head back to the office.
Dwight researched what the most popular toy of the current Christmas season: a doll named "Princess Unicorn", which is a princess with a unicorn horn on its head.
Her Theme is "My Horn Can Pierce the sky!"
Dwight bought every doll he could attain out of all the local toy stores and explains he is going to sell the dolls to desperate parents for an enormous profit. Jim is skeptical that people would pay a high price for a doll, but he watches numerous customers come in through out the day to purchase a doll from Dwight, paying the price that he set ($200). Toby wants to buy a doll for his daughter Sasha so he can make his ex-wife angry at him for being the hero to Sasha this Christmas. When he goes to Dwight to purchase one, he finds that Darryl has already purchased the last one. Toby begs Darryl to the point where he almost cries, and Darryl offers to sell it to him for twice he paid for. Toby tells him that he doesn't have the money with him, but Darryl allows him to pay him back later, and Toby becomes visibly happy. He is, however, slightly shocked when the doll he gets is a black version of the doll, but he nevertheless remains happy.
Throughout the day, Phyllis continues to order Angela around to do various tasks for the party, such as putting away her Nativity scene and taking away the Christmas tree as neither of those are in the theme of Moroccan Christmas. When Phyllis tells Angela to bring back the Christmas tree after Michael and Meredith leave, Angela refuses, telling Phyllis she's done fulfilling her demands. Phyllis threatens to inform everyone of Angela's affair with Dwight, but Angela still refuses as Phyllis would no longer be head of the Party Planning Committee if she did. Phyllis starts to head towards the door, but turns around and tells everyone that Angela is having an affair with Dwight, much to everyone's shock.(The room is Completely Silent)
Angela is visibly upset while Dwight is visibly amused. Pam claims that she knew it all along, which Jim doesn't believe, but then decides to believe her in the spirit of Christmas. Andy , however, was in the annex learning to play a sitar when Phyllis revealed this. At the end of the episode, he comes back to the main office to play a Christmas song on the sitar before Angela asks him to take her home, and the rest of the office decide not to reveal to Andy what Phyllis said. Which in my opinion is probably the best thing.

Well there's the recap! I'll put some pictures up when I find them.

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