Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Where Did The Catalyst GO?

Well, it seems to me that we are getting to the end of Heroes again for Season 3. I have recently watched the Dec 8th Episode "Our Father" three times lately, and it is confusing.

Here's the synopsis:

To stop Arthur once and for all, Hiro and Claire travel back 16 years in time to when Hiro's father, Kaito, handed baby Claire to Noah, while Peter teams up with the Haitian, only to be intercepted by Sylar. In the meantime, Mohinder has a major breakthrough in the formula that will change everything. 

The problem is, there is a big issue with some of these time travels and it has directly been affected by the Catalyst that has changed hands. 

To makes a long story short, Hiro's Mother was the holder of the light, or "Catalyst" that was needed to make the final step in the formula that will give everyone powers.

She also was a healer, and once she recognizes that a future hiro is in front of her, she helps him by restoring his memories. This prompts him to ask her for the catalyst, so he can protect it better. He then meets Claire on the roof.

But then immediately Arthur travels back at that point, and just freezes Hiro again, and then proceeds to steal his powers, along with the light.

My problem with this is, Why is Hiro So Helpless whenever he's around him? The only thing he's managed to do twice is have Arthur seriously mess him up. 

Secondly, does Claire still have the catalyst in her? Obviously, the answer is no but the other question is: Wouldn't they be seriously changing the future the moment Hiro takes the catalyst, and wouldn't that change the timeline that they were in? Wouldn't the whole situation change for them, ala the Butterfly Effect? 

I just think that writers really opened up a bunch of holes with this last episode.

 Arthur is dead, killed by technically Peter and Sylar (Peter shot, and Sylar stopped and then let the bullet fly after finding out Arthur was lying to him about being his daddy) and the catalyst seems to be just up in thin air.

So apparently this will will be the only "Superpower Cocktail" to be made. Once this well is dry the Catalyst will probably never be used. But we'll see.

And in the Season Finale next week, there will be a plane crash and we won't know on who survives until next season. Sort of like Lost but with superpowers. So we'll be left on a cliff hanger and the holidays to ponder them. :-(

I'll update more when I see it, but in the meantime, here is the sprint sneak peek.

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