Friday, December 19, 2008

Green Machines Preview Consolation Championship

Here is the Green Machines vs Stimpson's Squad.

Stimpsons Squad is a great team, I can't believe he's in the consolation bracket because he's team is far more talented than mine. He's got Donovan McNabb and Adrian Peterson for pete's sake!!!!!!!

I, on the other hand have gone through 7 quarterbacks, and four wide receivers. But this patchwork team is putting it together when it counts. First winning streak is in the playoffs,(great time to have it)

Here's MY team

Starters Opp Status Points
T. Edwards (Buf-QB) @Den Su 4:05p 0.00 QB

J. Stewart (Car-RB) @NYG Su 8:15p 0.00 RB

S. Jackson (StL-RB) SF Su 1:00p 0.00 RB

F. Jackson (Buf-RB) @Den Su 4:05p 0.00 R/W

D. Driver (GB-WR) @Chi Mo 8:30p 0.00 WR

D. Bess (Mia-WR) @KC Su 1:00p 0.00 WR

J. Carlson (Sea-TE) NYJ Su 4:05p 0.00 TE

D. Akers (Phi-PK) @Was Su 4:15p 0.00 PK

Tennessee (Ten-DST) Pit Su 1:00p 0.00 DST


Starters Opp Status Points
D. McNabb (Phi-QB) @Was Su 4:15p 0.00

A. Peterson (Min-RB) Atl Su 4:15p 0.00

W. McGahee (Bal-RB) @Dal Sa 8:15p 0.00

J. Cotchery (NYJ-WR) @Sea Su 4:05p 0.00

D. Avery (StL-WR) SF Su 1:00p 0.00

S. Smith (Car-WR) @NYG Su 8:15p 0.00

O. Daniels (Hou-TE) @Oak Su 4:05p 0.00

S. Gostkowski (NE-PK) Ari Su 1:00p 0.00

Dallas (Dal-DST) Bal Sa 8:15p 0.00

So as you can see, I have a bunch of guys that are good, and a few guys that aren't pure starters (Stewart and F.Jackson) but pretty productive. With Plaxico Burress and Hasselbeck, then Young(etc) all being huge disappointments it's a patchwork team at best. His team has some real stars and I will have to get lucky to beat him. I'm just glad this season is nearly over. It has been a painful year for a Seattle sports fan, so it's really a time to say that it was the year that wasn't. Go Green Machines, put a little icing on that cake!

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