Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sad News Indeed

Seems like if you look to the right, the Seahawk Addicts are losing one of the founding members, Mr Steffes himself. Seems like life has taken over for him.

I'm sorta sad, but that blog of his is so popular, it'll be like Mike Sando leaving The Tacoma News Tribune.(Seahawks Insider)

I think that for whatever reason, it's gotta be huge because he's the biggest Seahawks fan I know. And I've known guys like Big-Lo, Cannonball, Mr and Mrs Seahawk, etc, and I can tell you, they may be bigger superfans, but Steffes has always had them beat when it comes to Seahawk Knowledge.

I'm just glad that I was invited for the Seahawks Addicts Experts League.

So Michael, you will be severely missed!


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